What is your Deep Purpose? Do you even know that each of us has a Deep Purpose and a special mission as humans? This is what the PEACE PILGRIM has to say about your special DEEP PURPOSE. “There is something unique to every human life because every one of us has a special place in the Life Pattern. If you do not yet know clearly where you fit, I suggest that you try seeking it in receptive silence. I used to walk amid the beauties of nature, just receptive and silent, and wonderful insights would come to me. You begin to do your part in the Life Pattern by doing all the good you feel motivated toward, even though they are just little good things at first. You give these priorities in your life over all the superficial things that customarily clutter human lives.”
Peace is the radiance that emanates in the roots of every being. It radiates infinite appreciation for the gift of life and carries the harmonic codes of all existence from the heart of the universe. James O’Dea’s “Soul Awakening Practice”
St. Francis certainly demonstrated radical goodness when it came to understanding Holy Mother Nature and our connection to it. He loved all of nature from the trees to the sun, moon & stars, to the birds and the insects below and he would often call them brothers sun and sister moon. Francis of Assisi encouraged his listeners in this way: “first do what is necessary, then do what is possible, and before long you will find yourself doing the impossible.” We have all come from nature and shall return back to nature let us use nature by sustaining and nourishing all that nourishes us.
Happy New Year to All, may it be filled with Joy, Love, Wholeness and Peace
From James O’Dea’s “Soul Awakening Practice” Contemplative Reflections on Radiating Peace.

There cannot be peace until we end our rebellion against Holy Mother Nature and until we recover the ancestral knowledge of our kinship with nature and the family of all beings. Nature is a manifestation of peace radiating for all life.

A walk at the Lower Manhattan tragic mile bike path were 8 bikers were mowed down

November 15th midday was a most interesting balmy fall moment in lower Manhattan for 4 Rotarians who walked the tragic mile bike path were 8 bikers were mowed down. Five of these bikers killed were from Argentina. We started our walk from the end of this tragic happening on Chamber’s street, where I and my family lived from 1975-1981 and came to pray and pay our respects to these victims and their families praying for hope and world peace. Besides myself, Doug Sturomski, Rotary Dist. 7210 Peace Chair, I was joined all the way from Florida, by Danny Garcia E-club member and famous Global Children and Peace Walker, our District Governor, James Damiani and Asrar Ahmed, Ozzie, our beloved Moslem member, of The Greater Newburgh Rotary. Besides placing Rotary Flags at each location, we finally arrived at the Complete Memorial of those eight bikers killed, where the truck entered the bike path on Houston Street. A truly synergistic meeting took place there when we asked a fello…

A metaphysical answer to the end of violence and Oneness in Peace?

Focolare’s Theme
Living City ….   Astronauts view Earth from Space


John 17:21
21 that all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you. May they also be in us so that the world may believe that you have sent me.
Humanity has a deep belief in separation, a Separation Theology that humans are over here and God is over there. This motion creates a separation theology and produces a Separation Cosmology, a way of looking at all life which says that everything is separate from everything else. Separation cosmology produces Separation Psychology, a psychological viewpoint which says that I am over here and everyone else is over there. A separation psychology produces a Separation Sociology, a way of socializing with each other which encourages everyone within human society to act as separate entities serving their own separate interests. This would not matter if you begin and end it …

Global Oneness Day Now!

Global One Day is free this year and is gaining momentum.  We need this paradigm shift more so today than ever. Join in listing to the days presentations and then take action. Your participation is crucial to the life of humanity and this splendid planet.  Blessings and Peace