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Interesting to see on 60 Minutes coding starting in the early elementary grades especially with girls....millions of these jobs go unfilled...Peace and learning about it is the same situation and billions of these human beings are being unfulfilled and fragmented 
·          "Compassion is not a religious business, it is human business; it is not luxury, it is essential for our own peace and mental stability; it is essential for human survival."    Dalai Lama Yale College’s - Early Child Peace Consortium…Creating a Culture of Peace certainly emphasizes these ideas. "Make the image of peace as compelling as the image of war. Teach peace as a value, a tool, a habit, a virtue, and a rule. Can we teach children that the law of the planet Earth is peace?"   Melvin Ming, Former CEO Sesame Workshop   Early Child Peace Consortium …Creating a Culture of Peace Science says that peace is possible — and the science of early childhood development can facilitate the development of a more peaceful world. dr. james leckman