Celebrating our 10th Anniversary

The following have been the foundations accomplishments these past 10 years.

Peace Walks: Across & Along the Hudson
52 + Peace Poles: Made, Planted & Dedicated
Peace Booklet, 24 pages - made in 2012-13 - Rotary’s Activities Promoting Peace”
Resonate in Love, Ring In Peace Desktop Peace Saying Mini Book
4 Peace Conferences. - 2 Rotary Int. Conf. (Atlanta & Toronto)
Rotary Peace Award at Rotary UN Day 2015-16…

New Initiatives for 2019-2020 and Beyond: Peace Essay Contest, 5th grade - Planting Peace Poles at Elementary  Schools


  1. Everything is Vibration, Frequency and Resonance…
    From Graceful Passages:
    Music frees souls, captures, and surrenders hearts….and hurls the spirit into the infinite. John M. Ortiz PH D author of The Tao of music
    Music has a remarkable power. It can create a quality in the air that can unnerve the hardest of hearts. It can catalyze fear, passion, commitment, an even ecstasy. It is also been known to soothe the deepest of wounds an help provide a sanctuary of perspective in times of challenge.
    Music has the uncanny ability to create an emotionally rich environment that can profoundly change the way we see and feel things. It reflects where we are at any moment in our lives, while helping us navigate the twists and turns of life. Ram Dass’s is exploration into the mysteries of the afterlife resulted in a musical treatment that reflects wonder, all, and a feeling of unlimited possibilities. As the music was born, we notice an alchemy that would arise when the intimately spoken word was combined with an appropriate resonant musical score.
    Although many of us listen to music, rarely do we listen to the kind of music that invites us into the inner sanctum of our hearts and souls. For centuries, most western music known to touch the realms of the spirit was created in the context of rituals of religious traditions.
    Following in this long-established tradition of sacred music, we set out to create an intimate audio sanctuary in which the listener might truly hear, feel, and understand the essence of the speaker’s message while having the freedom to have one's own personal experience simultaneously.


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